Wacky Brain Shit

It says something very telling about our society that talking about my sexuality (I’m bi) is more accepted than my mental health (I struggle with depression).  While I’m glad this new age is making it more acceptable to speak about both subjects, it’s striking how marginalized mental health truly is. … Would you like to know more?

The new Kindle (well, sorta)

So when I first saw the new Kindles on Amazon, I just about shit a brick. The Kindle Fire seemed like it would be the best little tablet, and I had visions of writing entire novels on it’s beautiful screen with a stylus. Well, it turns out (as anyone in the tech sphere will tell you), that it’s gotten it’s little Android guts ripped out of it. I’m sure it will serve it’s niche well, but I’m not included (yet.)
Would you like to know more?